Lots of traveling for a wedding this weekend. A longtime friend got hitched on Saturday afternoon in Athens, GA and Katie and I made an epic journey to attend. The whole thing started on Thursday afternoon with a drive to Phoenix, followed by a plane ride to St. Louis where we met my tired mother standing, toes tensed at the faint security line on the floor which segregated the security approved travelers from non-secure family members in the wee hours of the morning. We drove back to the boro got some sleep. After a nice breakfast with the units we meandered around and played with the dog enjoying each others company. Katie and her parents came by for dinner, we drank wine and ate pie. Good night to all.
The sun doesn’t really show itself until well after 7 so our 6am departure to Athens was dark and dreary eyed. We rode down with an old friend Amy, caught up on each others lives and enjoyed the drive down south where we saw lakes, bluffs and fall colors. Really nice to see, just not in the confines of a car.
3 words for Georgia: traffic, kudzu and cheese. Also, as it turns out, you can still smoke in bars there? who knew?
We got into town, checked in and went off to the wedding. It was a nice quite, quick ceremony, no fuss, no frills, not a bad model. Catching up with old highschool/college friends and meeting new was pretty nice. A tour of some of the local bars ended the night for us. Athens is a nice college town, I wouldn’t have problems going back. Congrats to Adam and Heather. you two area amazing for eachother.
We woke early and trolled around Athens for some breakfast before hitting the road for Nashville. Got on a flight out to Phoenix and finally made it home.