After our all too short trip to the midwest/south, we have got to get some fall color in our days. The desert is perhaps the most amazing environment I’ve had the pleasure of existing in but the fall colors of deciduous trees are what is on my mind this morning. This shot was from Madventure 2005 in the Pinaleno mountains of southern Arizona:
In this particular adventure; Myself, Mateo, Critter, Mr. Sadcow and Mr. DanP camped up at hospital flats, pedaled to the top of the mountain in the AM and decended Ash Creek Trail all the way to the bottom. The trail was amazing to say the least. We had a particularly wet summer so the fall foliage was cranked up. Never before have I seen such intense color in leaves. Once at the bottom, we found our way into Safford where we had to repay the mountain for all the joy it brought us. A refuel of sandwiches, water and treats, followed by a fresh layer of clothing and we were trudging our way back up the mountain in the dark. Mateo provided us with an amazing quote that i’ve got to dig up about finding yourself through suffering and privation, appropriate indeed. That mountain was a beast. We all gathered at the top and made a warm meal after 14 hours of ride time.
Must do that on again.