We are fortunate enough to live in a place that fosters commuting by bicycle. The XtraSiren is my daily driver serving as crap hauler, grocery getter and head turner. It hauls in style and comfort with a giant 29×2.55 front tire up front and xtra long wheelbase, this thing rides like a Cadillac. Brendan passed this frame along to be dedicated to commuter duty and after an afternoon at Siren headquarters http://www.sirenbicycles.com/ we chopped up some chainstays and welded them into the rear triangle, we also welded in some gusseting around the bottom bracket area. The extra bracing makes a huge difference in the stiffness in the rear of the bike. No more noodley rear when its heavily loaded (think extra bodies). This thing is single, fixed and a good time.

Along the lines of commuters, I saw this wild thing on my way to out for a ride this morning. It is made by Bilenky http://www.bilenky.com and is called the Viewpoint. A little odd, but intriguing, and they seemed to be having a good time, This was the maiden voyage, cheers to bikepooling.