from 507 Mechanical Movements by Henry T. Brown

The GABA bikes swap was Saturday and I went down with no intention to buy ANYTHING. I rode down and started trolling. Lots of crap and some good stuff if you’re into digging. A friend found a pair of Campy Sherrif Star hubs for 30 bones, such a deal. I got to fondle some of Ed’s bikes which are mighty pleasant to look at. He is really putting out some craft and it seems to be building up a head of steam around town. Ran into all the usual suspects as it usually goes in Tucson and then saw a lovely pair of townies sitting together loving the sunshine. Good old Andy had this pair of CCM Caprices in a minty turquoise. These two bikes may as well been one, everything is perfect on them, matching seats, grips, bells, and even center kickstands. When have you ever seen that on a bicycle? The real catch was the sequentially numbered and dated license plates mounted to the left side front axle, 1979_3288 and 3289 baby.

Andy was gracious enough to slap a sold sign on them and bring them back to his house for me. I picked them up this afternoon, cleaned them up and put air in the tires, good to go. Kate and I took them out for a test drive and the rode just like a cruiser should only without the normally associated rattle, shake, jiggle, jiggle, squeak. Whoever had these things really must have loved them because their condition was so great and they got hauled here from Qebec. These things are going to be great date bikes. The only thing I could dig up on the internets was some woman who has a blog in toronto that happens to have a brown CCM Caprice?

The rest of Saturday consisted of an awesome ride out at TMP featuring primo techy trails with Jeff[sans]ro, Spiker and a guest appearance by Gary the Waterboy. Great afternoon in the desert.

We all re-conveaned for an evening of Bars on Bikes that started off small and grew significantly as the night drew on. At one point I counted 32 in our crowd, not so bad. We hit the usual watering holes but stopped off at the new Rogue Cycles shop which was hosting Cyclcide which seams like a group of bicycle artists/carnies. They had some great pedal powered rides, tall bikes, jousting et al. These people are really into their work, and do a nice job of bring it out for public consumption. The night ended for me at Barrio Brewery with some curling/shuffleboard/bargame??



I missed out on riding this morning because I spent a god portion of the night up coughing, damn allergies, but I did get a lot done around the house. Painted some walls, fixed some doors, started a patio (so much for taking it easy.) Ate dinner outside, enjoying the cool evening air.