Happy birthday to Kelly last friday. Her family came into town for the big 30 and it was all I could expect from the Myers clan. We got to meet her forever friend Julie, brother Casey and sister Meg. Friday night we all went out to Casa Vicente and ate paella, Kelly pre-ordered for 14 people and we were 8 so there was some eating to be done. After some Flamenco dancing and sangria, we were done.

Saturday was all about getting ready for the big party we were hosting. Clean the house, make a patio, build a table, standard stuff. It all came together nicely. Kelly’s parents took care of all the food and wine and it was mighty fine. People came to eat, drink and be merry. I think we hit it right on the head. All told we were 20-30 people, 4 pounds of pasta, 2 empty pots of Myers secret sauce, 20 empty bottles of wine, an untouched 30 pack of bud lite?, and a bunch of balloons. Mission accomplished.

Did I mention the 30 leftover bud lite cans? What am I going to do with those?

I spent Sunday morning under the sink fixing the drain then off to work on the Decathlon proposal.

More pics