Weather goodness…
The past few days have been a welcome break from the standard “all sunny and nice all the time” I love the winter time in Tucson, without knowing it I could probably happily go through the winter without ever seeing temps below 50 and to hell with rain. It has been cloudy on and of for most of the week with a constant drizzle yesterday and today reminds me of fall in Southern Illinois. Slippery things all over and a chill on the outermost part of layer of dermis. This time of year I prefer to go running in the mornings (I am only recently coming to this conclusion). For some reason it is easier to get outside and running in the dark than it is to get on the bike plus I think it is much easier to stay warm. The feeling of cold on the hands face and exposed legs contrasts the warmth of the core of the body generates momentum and stride that is hard to beat. Its time for wool socks, oatmeal, veggie soup, and scarfs, scarf weather indeed.
Burning the candle hard to finish the Decathlon proposal this weekend, it’s coming along nicely. Must get out for some singletrack before the drizzle leaves and the sun comes back. AAAAnnnnnddddd, Emily is coming out here for a while, maybe this weekend?

Good times to be had.