A long day of work on the Decathlon proposal ended with this.

followed by some of this.

and got some of this which we don’t see much of

The route was a quick shot up to the Marriot trail and Hidden Canyon from campus area. Chris #1 met me at the house and we rolled out. On the way, we saw Chris #2 on his way out the door up to a quick run up A mountain. We convinced him to come with us instead. He didn’t sound too enthusiastic about Hidden Canyon but humored us, how nice. Hidden canyon was marvelous with fresh tacky trail. I cleaned a few more switchbacks with a big grin on the face. We got back down to the hotel and decided we couldn’t deny Chris #2 his original intent of going up A mountain so we headed up the back way. Not nearly as nasty as I expected on the climb up to the saddle but that is where we encountered the mud, weird, sticky crap, it grabbed onto the tires then proceeded to grab small rocks and fling them everywhere. We are spoiled. Capped the night off with a few “Racer 5” tall beers.

Woke up in the morning and tinkered on bikes. Katie mentioned her cruiser bike riding “slow and lumpy”? I think this is what she was talking about.