It has pretty much been raining since last Friday. The moisture was welcome but not so conducive to being outside especially for a wimpy desert dweller. Well the rain has passed leaving sunshine and cool crisp air. Rode for a few hours last night, caught a most amazing sunset on the back side of Gates pass as I pedaled around McCain loop. On the way down the backside, the sun was warm and bright, casting brilliant shadows on the rock face next to me. The air was biting, especially on my bare hands, but working hard around the loop and up the back side of gates kept me plenty warm. Most of the second half of the ride was with my back to the west but any time I would change directions to the north or south, I could catch a view of the burning western horizon. Spectacular indeed.

This morning I got up tired and late but wanted to get out on the Thursday morning ride with Ignacio and company. I knew I was running late so I headed up Anklam in hopes I would meet up with them coming at me somewhere on Camino de Oeste. In town, the air was crisp and clear. As I headed up Anklam, just past St. Mary’s hospital I hit a body of clouds lingering in the hills. The air quickly became dense with moisture and visibility went to less than 50 feet. Shortly after passing the turn up to Starr Pass, the clouds were gone, I looked back to see the top layer of the clouds below me, NUTS?

I continued on and got onto Camino de Oeste, without seeing the group, I was almost down to Silverbell and planned on just heading back up the flat road. A bit to my chagrin, I finally crossed paths with the group at the bottom of the road, soooo, turn it around and head back up, ouch. Ignacio likes to lay it down on this stretch and I’m usually a sucker for his bait. Some hard work and coughing later and we were back at the top. Casual conversation got us back down where we had all decided we didn’t need to head up A mountain as usual but as we caught our first glimps of the hill, none of us could resist. Clouds blanketed the middle third of the peak, with some wisps creeping up to the top. Again pedaling through the clouds, as we reached the south side of the mountain, we were in this blinding fog as the sun was coming through and illuminating each particle of moisture in the air. We could only see the road immediately in front of us until we came through and above. Coast back into town and grab a coffee.

Good pedaling this morning