The weekend came and went as usual. Not too much excitement. After a long week of hard riding and a recent revival back into yoga, I am spent. Yesterday was the big crash for me as my body just said “NO”. Saturday was supposed to be an easy, relax day. Katie and I decided to go to a 9am yoga class. We arrived to a full class in a cold room and I think Alexis was feeling pretty frisky. The class was damn tough, and we left exhausted. The rest of the morning and into the afternoon was absorbed cleaning the house, some reading, and a nap. I went into work for a bit then headed back home. We were heading over to a holiday party later on and I still felt like I wanted to spin the legs a bit. I pedaled over to meet Emily as she left work and we headed to the party. Good food and wine let to a very solid slumber.

I woke up Sunday planning on meeting Dejay and company for a ride up Catalina highway, and down prison camp, molino, bellota, and milagrosa. There were 4 of us that met at the base and started pedaling up. Almost immediately I could tell my legs were totally zapped, no power, no cadence, no bueno. Too boot, we were facing a headwind that put things at a standstill with no way to hide. After the seemingly long section of road, I thought things would get better as singletrack always loosens things up. To no avail, still no power resulted in a constant mental and physical grind. I decided I would do the climb up to molino saddle then turn around and head down the road. My companions would have nothing of it and decided they really didn’t need to do the bellota section of the ride.

We headed down the back side of molino and into Milagrosa. The rest of the ride went pretty well, I still had no power but could sort of fake it due to the technical goodness.

We saw plenty of water, scoped out a few alternate lines and hit the road back to the cars. All in all 5 hours of riding I probably didn’t need to do.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty fresh, the legs are still a bit tight. Punching out some work today, and going to catch another yoga class this afternoon. A day or two off the bike and things should be back to ready to hit it. I’m getting excited to head home for a bit. Really looking forward to doing a bit of riding, hopefully the weather will shape up nicely for us. The drive home should be exciting with Katie, myself, Jeb, Ceilo and Emily in the Sentra for 1700ish miles