Since moving to Tucson in 03, Katie and I have headed  back home for Christmas and new years. The time at home is always nice. We have been getting out for hikes, a few bike rides and a couple flights in the balloon. PHOTO HEAVY COMING AT YOU!

I went for a ride out at Cove Hollow with the dog on Christmas Eve. The trail is tasty as ever and riding quite nicely around the new re-route. I was fortunate enough to see a bald eagle fly into its nest along the bank of the lake. I forgot the camera so no pics there.

Then, I met up with Chris who has transformed The Surgeon into a great shop. He loaned me a cross bike and we did some exploring on some abandoned railroad grade south of the boro. Brendan, Mary and I did some exploration there years back and I forgot just how beautiful it was. The grade follows a creek that digs pretty deep, carving out and around sandstone. Again, no camera so you are going to have to take my word for it.

We got some fantastic weather conditions Saturday and Sunday which let us get out for a few balloon rides. Most of these pics are from Emily so credit where credit is due.

And a few more

Yesterday afternoon, the dogs and I got out for a visit to the old favorite kinks spot. The trail has been cleaned up nicely from the storms earlier in the year so the flow was nice. I still have troubles transitioning from our desert granite to slippery leaves and mossy rocks. All was well until I came to the point that was beat hard from tornado’s Its still a big mess and will probably be for a good long time.

And a few more

Tomorrow we get in the car and head back to the Southwest. Driving!