The ghost town of Ruby is barely on maps, and only if you really look for it. One of the students at Voices is researching a story about transcendence, and one of the volunteers there happened to know a guy who regularly does just that. He is the gatekeeper and sole resident of Ruby Arizona: Sundog. Katie asked me to go along, as the drive required a high clearance vehicle and our Sentra didn’t qualify. So I scared up two jeeps and we headed south towards Arivaca. The drive was brisk (we were riding in a jeep that had no roof) but beautiful. Once we got off I19, the navigation was straightforward and I felt a little silly about bringing the jeeps. But we where only a mile or two from Ruby when the front axle submerged and water came over the hood. Thanks, jeeps. We met our guide, who was visiting for the weekend, and she walked us around, as Sundog had apparently transcended himself elsewhere.Abandoned buildings and structures were everywhere in various states of decay. You could look out and see mine shafts poking out of the hillsides. The main property is nestled inside a canyon full of mining remains, two lakes, and a beach. Yes, a beach. Pictures describe it better.Worth a weekend trip. Even the Times says so.