The Phoenicien contingent has been bugging us folks down in the Old Pueblo for some time about coming up to their stomping grounds. I’ve always been hesitant as I think what we’ve got here is pretty damn nice, not to mention the 100 miles that separates us and the mass urban exodus that is the greater phoenix metropolitan area. That is one huge bitch!

Goat camp was on the agenda and as usual, emails and beratement were exchanged, lots of promises, banter, “i’ll be there, blah blah blah”. In the end Sadcow and I hit the road promptly at 6am, heading north. At the trailhead we were in full view of the days plans, UP UP UP, White Tank regional Mountain is pretty stunning. We met up with Yuri and Gordon (poo slinger cooper was a no-show) and hit the pedals up the road which we quickly ditched in favor of singletrack which wouldn’t quit until we were back at the cars.

It gets choppy in a hurry.

Siren Song – Really enjoying this bike. More on that a bit later

After some fantastic climbing we got our first taste of ribbony benchcut. Really nice flow with some sharp, off camber turns and grave consequences.

A carin on ice.

The final gathering before all hell breaks loose

The spiral staircase is nasty. Sadcow dropping in while listening to some random dude sitting at the top smoking a cigar talking and talking and talking away. All told I think I took a pretty good stab at the goat counting 3 off the bike dabs (2 switchbacks and 1 wash crossing) and a hand full of one-foot-out rollers. Lots of saddle-in-the-chest riding and a *pucker* factor that would not let up.

This is most certainly one of the most technical trails I’ve been on anywhere. It beats the pants right of Milagrosa for sustained chunk and the riding it takes to get to the Goat is outstanding. We wandered over to the Sonora Brewhouse pub, ate and sipped cask IPA before heading back south. Maybe Phoenix ain’t so bad after all.

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