Last Saturday I headed up to TMP with the intent of sessioning the above mentioned trail. It’s steep and relentless to say the least. I’ve been riding the loop clockwise, favoring riding the switchbacks up and descending the choppy stuff on the back side as (at least in my opinion) it’s technically feasible to ride the loop 100% in a clockwise fashion. I have not done it nor do I know anybody who has, but I hope its not a pipe dream. Sessioning the switchbacks, I was able to pick through a few that normally get me but still am far from riding it well. I was able to set the camera on a few rocks, and run on a 30 second timer before it takes 10 frames. After some pixel pushing, I got a few composites. If anybody has a suggestion on a better technique, i’m all ears. I ran into a few hikers who must have thought I was out of my mind, crashing into the switchbacks, hopping around, coming off, and turning around to give it another go.

The Sonoran desert is pretty alright in January

Anyway, on the way down I ran into mr. Flo on his newly built up bike, we headed over to holligans and did some sploration.

During the ride back home, my knees began giving me a bit of grief as they have been for the past month or so. General aching in both knees after longer rides. Running doesn’t seem to bother them so I’ve got to get that figured out.