Last year for Katies birthday, we spent the weekend around Silver City, NM. The idea being to get away for a weekend, without the dogs and relax. On a recommendation we went to Faywood Hotsprings for an evening and had an excellent time. Few things relax the mind and body like a good hot soak outside. A few months ago, Katie looked into heading out there again this year and found out it was “closed until further notice” major buzzkill. Searching for a substitute, Katie stumbled across Chiniti hot springs in West Texas, which was apparently at one time owned by one Donald Judd. Katie mentioned this and I immediately saw it as an excuse to visit Marfa, TX. WHERE? I vaguely knew of the place, but had heard a great deal from collegues and professors, enough to make the trip happen.

It was a bit of a stretch to drive out on a Friday and come back on Sunday, totaling more than 1200 miles for the round trip (I know I said I was cutting back on the driving thing!) but in the end I think it was worth it. We saw:

cowboys, plains, mountains, New Yorkers, some great art and sculpture, a Donkey, funky town, and Prada.

Coming into town at 8:00 Friday night, there was the standard calm and quite of rolling through a tiny western town, nobody around, everything is quiet and deserted. We checked into the hotel and asked for a place to eat, we were given two options, one of which was at the hotel. We opted for the walk around and found the only other open restarant a few blocks down. We noticed the center of town quietly bustling about with galleries and openings all over. Dinner was a $30/plate affair which made the whole situation even more odd drinking nice wine and munching on gourmet spinach lasagna in a town with a population of 2000, almost 200 miles south and east of El Paso.

Saturday we woke up, found some breakfast and coffee, and made our way over the Chiniti Foundation where we were scheduled to tour the permanent exhibits including some work by Judd. Really nice stuff. The craft and production of the installation was really fantastic and well suited to the space.

Back in town we wandered around, took some photos, poked into a few galleries and spent some time at the book store which was gloriously stocked with art, design and architecture books to drool over.

By mid afternoon we were heading further south to the hot springs. It was a beautiful drive through ranches and mountains, nearing the Mexico border and heading up a canyon to our destination. Some time in the tub, a picnic dinner and a book made for a relaxing evening. We woke up, went for a run in the canyon, had one last soak and headed back towards Marfa.

One final stop after lunch back to see some more of Judds work before hitting the road