It is almost mid February, the sun is shining, the skies are blue and we are topping off around the mid 70’s, fancy that. My weekly routine has switched off from morning bike rides in favor of running with the dogs before my daily 8am class. Immediately after class I’ve been getting in to work on the thesis (update soon) and somehow school has been consuming me until sometime between 6 and 8pm. Saturday was irresistible and I got out to TMP with Sadcow. Pretty standard stuff, moving quick and jamming hard when someone decided to head up John Krein trail from the East side? Anythings worth trying once right? A very small percent of this trail from the East is anything but hike-a-bike, even going down this thing only tricks you into thinking you are in any way controlling your bike. Nonetheless, it was interesting and I don’t see myself going up this way again. We did find a great rock face/ledge that looks off expansively to the south and west though. I am also proud to say I cleaned the ride down the West side of the trail. The trails are in great shape from all the moisture we’ve had and should make for great conditions at the 24HOP next weekend.