Enormous gratitude goes out to Epic Rides, volunteers, sponsors, racers, pit crews, supporters and everyone else involved in this years 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. I know there were more than a few people anxious to wake up to rain on Friday morning and it most certainly made things interesting for the day but as soon as the shotgun went off at noon on Saturday, rain was gone and perfect racing conditions were the norm. Brendan and Mary came into town to show off the latest and greatest Siren has to offer. Brendan and I worked the expo while Mary put in a long hard day racing her bike. Brendan was releasing the Song to the public and it certainly grabbed some attention. There was a lot of interest in the bikes at the expo and almost all 11 bikes we brought out took a lap on the course including the XtraSiren

Friday morning at the expo we had some of this business.

and this.

Some freak bike action, 36er

In the end, Mary took second in the solo female category and her team mate Todd Carpenter drove a Fifty Five to 3rd place in the mens solo category. I got to take the fixie xtrasiren out for half a lap or so and it was stupid fun. Hopefully a picture of it surfaces somewhere?

Mary looks tired or something? That is some fine Colorado Whiskey

wachu got over there?

Much better.

225+ miles for this girl and she is still smiling!

Hopefully Mary will chime in with a race report and Sportsman will chime in with the ridiculous quantity of photos he took.