Brendan and Mary brought me a present on their trip out here for the race this weekend, one freshly powdercoated Trauco with new dropouts for shifty bits.

Lots of changes from its previous incarnation as a rigid singlespeed

Yup, thats the one!

So here goes. Changes include: Reba up front vs. Pace carbon, flat/riser bars vs. H-bars, Ergons and gears. Lots of variations so it was hard to pinpoint exactly what is going on. Monday, Brendan headed out to TMP for some hidden canyon action. The bike immediately felt at home in my hands. I had to do some minor tweaking to the handlebars and saddle but quickly got things sorted out. The switch from H-bars to risers was shocking initially but so far change is good. I’m going to switch back to the H-bars to pin down the difference but so far I think the flat bars may be sticking around for a while.


The switch to the Reba really brought the bike to life, raising the head tube up just so transforming the ride quality from slightly nervous to darn right blissful. The resultant rise in head tube caused the odd combo of upside down stem and riser bar which will soon switch to flat stem and flat bar. As for the ride quality, Hidden canyon is kind of a silly test ground for comparing bicycles but familiar nonetheless. I was wondering if I would notice the difference between the 26″ rear wheel of the song and the 29″ wheel of the trauco thinking the Song had some sort of magical “billy goat” qualities but could not pinpoint a detriment on the part of the big wheel. The session climb up to the saddle was a riot, both Brendan and I putting forth noteworthy efforts. Brendan stuck the first “S” turn switchback after a few attempts, I was half a step away from pinning the upper “S” and we both nailed the exit move switchback.

At the top we wandered over to the mine shaft where we found this crazy shiz?

Finally the decent back down the the Marriot was pure delight, big wheels kept rolling and smiles were from ear to ear. It was good to get out in the sunshine after running support and expo duties out at the 24HOP.