This guy had some good things to say about the 29er Song Brendan brought out to the 24HOP last weekend. I’m glad he took some photos because it seems as though neither Brendan or I did, go figure?

This shot shows off the great detail that went into the production version of the flex plate.

Here is the proto version I’ve been beating on for the past few months.

with version 1.2 flex plate

The latest and greatest offers mucho tire clearance for even the biggest of 29er tires.

In the time I’ve spent on the song, I’ve noticed that the “suspension” does a great job of knocking he edge off of rolling fast stuff and really helps out to plant the rear wheel on technical climbing enhancing traction. I’ve never noticed a bottoming of the travel and can definitely tell that this is neither a hardtail nor a full squisher, which I like. I can see this being a great bike for rides of epic proportions. The proof is in fact in the puddin’ if you notice that Mary took all but 1 of her 13 laps last weekend at the 24HOP, opting for the song over her lighter (20ish pounds) Fifty Five hardtail.