The past two weeks have been taxing across the board. Two weeks ago I caught a whiff of the plague that seems to be grabbing everyone. It started as a sore throat after a ride then quickly progressed to some heavy duty aching and a dancing fever, bouncing between 97 and 104 for almost three days. Finally the nast moved on, leaving behind the standard head cold. That whole fiasco kept me from physical activity for the last two weeks. We’ve also had our fair share of house guests for the past week, Katies parents came were here for the past 10 days and Emily had visitor from out East for most of last week. It will be nice to have a bit of breathing room for a week or so before my parents come into town next week.

This last weekend we headed north with Katies folks, to Flagstaff, Sedona, Jerome and Prescott. Weather was beautiful, cool in Flag, stopped in on a film festival and enjoyed dinner at the brewery. Liquidman is amazing

On the way we stopped by Picacho Peak to see some wildflowers.

Saturday we drove down to Sedona where I was able to sneak off for a nice 5 hour tour of a good number of trails in the red rock region. This was my first time and I am absolutely floored.

Submarine Rock

Red Rock Crossing

Buddha Beach

Started at the North end of Broken Arrow and made my way South then West, over to Red Rock Crossing, wading across Oak Creek (belly button deep!) then up to the trails around the airport.

Katie and I got in a hike on Sunday and we made our way back to Tucson via Prescott.