Rode with Chuck and the Critter from Fenix. It was Chris’ birthday  last weekend and he decided to spend in Tucson. We pieced together a great ride from town, up A mountain, then down the the 36th st. entrance (new to the fenicians). Move around the main loop then up Golden gate. Rode clean up to the saddle then down the lower golden gate techness. Up the road an back in at Camino de Oeste for a stroll through the wildflowers to the stone house then back out on Mariott trail (thanks to whoever spent time pulling boulders out of the trail in the name of making it “easier” for those who ride from the hotel WTF???)

A stop at La Herradura on the way back for a post ride burrito and back home. Good to see you Chuck and Chris, come back soon!

Who is this guy?

Golden Gate Goodness