Pedaled out to TMP on Saturday night. Climbing up Hidden canyon on a pleasantly cool evening watching the light dwindle was outstanding. The moves weren’t quite happening but such is life sometimes.

The way down started off well, moving through the rock gardens, floating over everything, chasing the light. The first steep switchback gave me pause and I stepped off onto a rock that quickly gave way. Momentum had the best of me and things turned pear shaped in a hurry. Three pops in the knee on the way down and a flood of pain, bad news. After several minutes of pulling my head back together and I was limping out. Katie came to pick me up at the hotel.

The right knee is swollen like a grapefruit, full of fluid severely limiting movement. Saw a doc today, X-ray looks good, no broken bones but tomorrows MRI will hopefully tell the whole story, who knows?