The visit with the ortho doc yesterday was good. He does want to operate to remove the piece of piece of bone floating around and clean up some miscellaneous bits of cartilage that I damaged as well, that can all be done orthoscopically. I did tear a ligament that holds the kneecap in place and it should also be repaired. So it sounds like I’ll be getting cut open in 3-4 weeks. The doc told my the straight leg brace wasn’t going to help anything in the mean time and recommended walking without assistance when possible and some light pedaling as it will help with flexibility and healing until the surgery. Once they do the surgery it will be 8 or so weeks of recovery and rehab.

It only took a few seconds to toss that straight leg brace in the trash and resume the limp. Riding the XtraSiren feels better than walking and the swelling continues to go down.

Ahhh. Better sounding than I was expecting yesterday morning.