This morning as I was pedaling to school (yup, brokey knee, and pedaling – un momento porfavor) with the ipod jamming. Beautiful temps and the candied smell of orange blossoms paving my way. Today was the day that the stars planets, moons, and the like were all in alignment and an amazing wave of music emminated from the metallic music maker, pumping good mojo straight up the auditory cortex. I don’t use playlists but rather go for the ambiguity of shuffling 30 gigs of tunes.

This mornings ride consisted of the following:

Beck – Rental Car from Guerro

Moby – In my Heart from 18

The Flaming Lips – Are you a Hypnotist from Yoshimi battles the pink robots

LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great from Sound of Silver

Bernard Herrmann – Twisted Nerve from Kill Bill (infectious whistling)

Radiohead – Hunting Bears from Amnesiac

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Pin from Fever to Tell