Mr. Anton (say it Ant-ohn) has been experimenting with building bamboo bicycles. The first iteration was an ugly bastard that got all flexy if you looked at it funny, it proved a concept and taught a lesson in its demise. V_2.0 is keeping it real and is Antons’ daily driver. Seeing the progress he had made got me itching to give it a go and Brendan thought the same, sooo…..

A few off road bamboo bikes were born.

Brendan came down Friday night with whiskey and sympathy for the bum knee. Saturday morning, a meeting of the mad scientists god the ball rolling and before we knew it, we were building bikes.

Easy stuff really: Jig? check, check.  Bamboo? check, check. Sisal rope? check, check. Epoxy resin? check, check. Bite it like a shark (or snapper) attitude? check, check, x3.

Mad scientist

We all had to brush up on our boy scout lashing techniques but had a good thing going all day. We left the shop tired and hungry but with two frames curing. Ugly… a little but it is the first step in proof of concept. I’ve got to get one going for myself ASAP.

dinner (said snapper)

Mary and her dad put together this Ghia for her to take back to Cali, I told her she should just leave it here.

Katie wants one!

Here is what Brendan left with. Sounds like he has it close to built up and I’m anxious for a report.

Knee is getting cut open on April 17 – good times!