Went in for the surgery this morning bright and early and all went smoothly as far as I can tell. The procedure took almost an extra hour as things were pretty messy in there. The doctor gave Katie all the photos they took and they tell a lot. I had completely abraded a good sized chunk of what is supposed to be silky smooth cartilage on the bone surfaces. He drilled some holes in the bone to stimulate new growth in those areas. Bone and cartilage fragments all over the place were removed and the whole mess was tidied up.

Last thing I remember was hearing “take four deep breaths.” I woke up 5 hours later groggy and incoherent. In another hour I was home. I can bear weight on the leg already and slowly taking food in. They have got me in a brace and cryocuff which is a bag that continuously circulates ice water around the knee. Between that and the percocet, things are feeling pretty good!

Post surgical exam on Monday so laying low for the weekend. Pics up as soon as I can scan them.