pulled from a friendly neighbors tree

pulled from a friendly neighbors tree

 Fresh figs are tough to beat, if they hang over the wall they are up for grabs

Its all about the tonic

Its all about the tonic

1 lime squeezed into a pint glass filled with ice

Some qood quality gin (Bombay dry)

Top it off with Tonic

Into the shaker

Perfect summer time beverage


A little bit-o-flavorcountry

A little bit-o-flavorcountry

Toss sliced chicken breast into hot pan with EVOO, sliced ginger, 1 finely sliced red chili pepper

After 5 minutes add a couple dashes soy sauce and 5 spice chinese sauce and 3 sliced red onions

Toss with egg noodles and coarsely chopped italian parsley

Salt and pepper, crushed red pepper 


The house is quiet with Katie back in SoILL visiting the family and coming home after work its a tough to think about making an actual meal rather than foraging. Sometimes it happens sometimes it don’t, tonight it did and it was good. 

Lessons for the day:

You can fix a squeaky door hinge with motorcycle chain lube

Water heaters are heavy (not really but when the drain valve is 6 inches from the bottom of the tank you’ve still got to lift a lot of water)

Don’t stick welding rod straight from the torch into your face!

The XtraSiren takes a 2’x2’x4′ steel box across town like a champ


TourDivide08 roadtrip Pic of the Day (cause Mary asked)


Brendan getting down on some Dell Jerky

Brendan getting down on some Dell Jerky

 This bag-o-meat came from the only known business in Dell, MT. Sure they had your standard bags of jerky but on the bottom shelf was the serious beef. This stuff was the kind of stuff you might just find in a steak sandwich, girthy.