The family came to visit last week and spring in the Old Pueblo was the best its been in years. Their timing couldn’t have been better. Everywhere we went, the desert floor was carpeted in wild flowers, and water was flowing abundantly. On Friday we hiked Kings Canyon trail to the saddle just below Wasson Peak. I’ve never been on this trail as my preference is for fat tires and two wheels which is a no-no in this area, and the hike was outstanding. The camera got left in the car so evidence is in the imagination.

On Saturday, we ventured to the top of the Catalinas to see snow. Going from the upper 70’s on the desert floor to much cooler temps and lingering snow in a matter of an hour was a bit of a trip. Yes there is still snow up there and people were skiing, hanging on desperately to cooler temps and delaying the inevitable blast furnace of the summer.

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