Thumbing the refresh button on the UPS tracker for the past few days in anticipation of the arrival of the latest goods from Siren World Headquarters. Brendan pulled out something special for me in the fit and finish department. I’ve put in plenty of hours on Trauco’s generation 1 and 2 and even use the one-of-a-kind XtraSiren as a daily driver. All of those bikes take a beating and show their age. Trauco #2’s powdercoat job looks like it was dragged around through the desert (it was) and I have been itching to try something new.

We’ve had some heated debates about color choice and this hits the mark as something we were both really excited about. The Brown truck showed up late yesterday afternoon (damn late delivery) and I stood patiently outside the truck as I listened while the driver fumbled around through what seemed like the entire truck (he was in there long enough to make a few phone calls and answer some email?) Carefully unwrapping and eager to finally see the end result, the final product is pretty fantastic. A clear green powder over phosphate treated raw tubing. Weld areas shown through the candy green. Jolly Green John Henry was ready to get decked out in dangly bits. I ended the night one shifter cable, and a front derailleur shim short of complete. A quick trip to the LBS and trail time first thing in the morning.

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Ride photos to follow