While the official date of Mercury in retrograde is past, until the end of the month, we are still in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde which might explain the overwhelming number of WTF is happening moments on last nights ride into the Mountain park.

It started simple enough, a quick pedal after work into TMP. I headed towards Hidden Canyon as I haven’t paid dues there in a while and it was a blissful evening of cool temps. In short, I left the house at 5:45 and didn’t get back into town until 9:30. Distance traveled was a meager 17 maybe 18 miles of almost entirely pavement? A fussy tire, dropped my camera on the trail and had to go back down 7 switchbacks to get it, scrambled to the top of a peak, left my gloves up there, couldn’t get my wheel back on the bike, and now my pump is leaking Stan’s juice, one more flat heading into town and had to call for a ride.

It was a beautiful evening and I did manage to get a few flora pictures while the light was still good.

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