This adventure was sort of a last minute trip and substitute for something much bigger that we had in mind. I was a bit tentative to delve into the larger, previously planned trip because of my healing hip. This trip up to the top of Seven Cataracts and hiking/scrambling/rappelling down to Bear canyon was one that I had been told about for years and always wanted to do.

Mateo and Todd joined in on the adventure, Mateo being our guide as he had done the trip and brought the requisite gear. Todd has spent a very minimal amount of time on rock and dangling from a rope and I hadn’t been on a rope for a few years so Mateo’s skill and experience was much appreciated.

The hip, although I was cautious, performed beautifully and I haven’t had an issue in the past 5 or 6 days. A couple of acupuncture treatments seem to have done the trick (Thanks Dan), and I’m feeling healthy and rested.

The trip proceeded without a hitch, beautiful, cool canyons, Cold pools of water and some of the best company a person could ask for. We took our time, enjoyed the flora and fauna, ate great treats, and had a great chance to catch up with each other in the remote canyons of the Santa Catalina’s.

Only a few miles were traveled on foot and rope, but nonetheless, I’m tired from the day. Elevation drop was something between 1500′ and 2000′, we gained a thousand back getting out of Bear canyon back up to the Seven Cataracts vista where the the car and refreshments were waiting.

I think I get wrapped up in riding the bike so often, I forget how good some of these other things can be, hiking, climbing, swimming, running, etc. All acceptable forms of entertainment and I’m on a mission to get as much of it as I possibly can since the clock is ticking on our time here in the desert.

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