While visiting Phoenix for the week for a conference, I had a chance foresight to bring by bike and get in some trail time. Still in the shoulder season between spring and full on summer, the mercury crept up to 100 (a first for the year) but we managed to avoid heatstroke.

Yuri took me to Phoenix perserve and trail 1A, A nice’n’steep trail that climbs up to a high point, which we happened to hit right as the sun dropped in the distance. It then descends through chunky cheese grater sections that demand precision and finesse. Yuri freaked me out a bit when he pulled armor out of his bag and dropped his seat…

Beers and food afterwards made for a fine, evening.

Harry and I were on dawn patrol out at SOMO on National Trail. Hard shadows well before 6am had us moving up the trail hastily for fear of getting toasted if we dawdled too much. We pedaled up and past Buena Vista, and across the catwalk, getting dropped off of singletrack and onto the road which we took back up to Buena Vista. The descent on National was outstanding although full of traffic, hikers, runners, and huckers alike. We managed to beat the heat and get back to the house to enjoy the still cool pool.

After Lunch with Harry, Claire, and Grace, Katie and I made a stop at the Phoenix Museum of Art before heading back to Tucson.

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